RE: [sd-2] Re: empty seats / Lemming City.

denis bider yahoo at
Fri, 8 Apr 2005 21:07:35 +0200

I think Ronaldo has a point here. If the empty-seats voting system leads to
gridlock, the gridlock is actually the desired thing. If there is gridlock
(too many empty seats to make a decision), this is a result of too many
voters not liking any of the candidates on offer, and thus most likely not
to agree with any of the decisions that they might make.

In such a situation, should the will of those who do like some of the
candidates be imposed upon everyone else who doesn't like them? This is what
the current system does. The gridlock you mention is actually the central
feature of the empty seats idea: preventing a minority from imposing their
will upon the rest.

I think that would be a good thing. Efficiency is not always the best path.
As Ronaldo already pointed out, things were "efficient" (decisions were
reached quickly) under Hitler and Mussolini. The empty seats philosophy
basically states that efficiency is only desired if backed by a reasonable
majority, but otherwise not. That's the core argument of the idea.

> > What is needed is a voting-system in which everyone also
> > has the "none-of-those-listed"-option. Those who use it
> > should be represented by empty seats in parliaments etc.
> > _without_ changeing the criterium for a majority.
> -M: Ronaldo, this sounds like major grid-lock,