On campus / neocon issue

Mark parashakti108 at yahoo.com
Wed, 20 Apr 2005 05:16:05 -0000


Its was a pleasure meeting you on campus today. You asked many 
challenging questions.

I pointed out how SD2 would give quiet introverted intellectuals a 
better chance at rising to position than the current system. You 
countered by saying that would work in favor of someone like Carl Rove 
(gag!). In my debates so far, no one has posed a point like this, so I 
didn't have a "quick one" to respond with, so I don't know if I gave 
you a satisfactory reply.

I can picture a small cadre of neocons endorsing each other and even 
recieving endorsement of a noticeable portion of the population. This 
may create a *localized optima* - an island of endorsement, a clique, 
but I don't see this as recieving the broad support needed of those 
located in the *global optima*. PageRank is an algorithm that *sees* 
endorsement *loops*, and would marginalize "slime circles" such as the  
neocons. [disclaimer: I am being ideological, but I am not doing so as 
a representitive of SD2. I do have personal biases.]

I welcome you to join my group:

-Mark, International Social Organizer, SD2
-Seattle WA USA