Re: [sd-2] Re: empty seats / Lemming City / liberal populism

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Tue, 12 Apr 2005 14:41:55 +0200

Citeren Mark <>:

>  What is wrong with a minority imposing its will if the minority
> is right?

well, lots of people could decide not to cooperate (as in the eastblock), or
even get organised and/or resort to violence. There goes efficiency

> >D:  Efficiency is not always the
> best path. As Ronaldo already pointed out, things were "efficient"
> (decisions were reached quickly) under Hitler and Mussolini.
> -M: We are comparing his system with mine.

as far as hindering bushmonkeys is concerned

> My system is more efficient and more legitimate.

maybe, but as long as there are no millions of people (and that would include
joe sixpack, ideally) understands why, it hasn't got a chance

> >D: The empty seats philosophy basically states that efficiency is
> only desired if backed by a reasonable majority, but otherwise not.
> That's the core argument of the idea.
> -M: Majority? When is the populist trip going to stop?

When people stop buying it. As long as people are depraved from sleep,
education and solid information, they will welcome oversimplified "solutions".

Writing in such a way that also people who don't know your jargon understand is
quite a challenge, but I hope you (we?) will manage to do so

                                      groetjes, Ronaldo