Re: "Islamic"[extremist] Genocide of Bengal 1971-A Socialoist Study

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Mon, 18 Apr 2005 23:13:42 -0000

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>MS: Political and military upheaval did not end the Pakistani Islamic 
interference in Bengal after Bangladeshi independence. Rummel notes 
that "the massive bloodletting by all parties in Bangladesh affected 
its politics for the following decades. The country has experienced 
military coup after military coup, some of them bloody", not 
underestimating the role of the evil Pakistani Islamic ISI. (Death By 
Government, p.334.) Comments on the General Role of Religions in 

-M: Mysheikh, as an international social organizer, I am very concerned 
about preventing such atocracies from occuring. I have developed SD2 as 
a system with heavy quality filtering to keep extremists from rising in 

>MS: "One cannot fully understand the history of a people without 
having studied their religious history. A large number of events, 
secular in appearance and of the political or purely economic nature,  
carefully seen show a deep religious link and causation." R.Pattazzoni
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-M: I hope that your intentions are not anti-Islamic in nature. My 
intention is for SD2 to be friends of ALL people and religions. I am 
more than happy to work with both Hindus and Muslims, and I hope that 
SD2 will be used to bring a lasting peace to all of God's people.

-Allah Akbar(God is great)
-Mark, International Social Organizer, SD2
-Seattle WA USA