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--"Ryan Mathew Parr" wrote:
>R: You don't recognize the innacuracies a bottom-up system makes.

-M: [From post 18818]
-M: So, are you still advocating the Bushmonkey algorithm?

>R: No, I believe that the founding fathers were onto something.
-M: A bottom-up system is what a democratic-republic("democracy") is.
 SD2 is not competing with top-down hierarchies since most aren't 
algorithmic. SD2 can be used by top-down hierarches, but SD2 won't be 
controlling over the hierarchy itself.

>R: At the same time, a bottom-up system is exactly the kind of 
system that voted Bush in office. Look at all the red necks! You are 
ignoring the very things that contradict your proposition, as those 
contradictions make more sense. How else do you presume it to work? 

-M:1. Democracy MUST be a bottom-up hierarchy.
2. Democracy MUST have voting as a data input.
3. This data MUST be processed by an algorithm.

-M: I simply want people to entertain the plausability that PageRank 
may be a better algorithm to process voting data than *in-degree* is. 
PageRank in SD2 is intended to counter the Bushmonkey problems that 
you mention.
>R: There are heuristics throughout any organization. People will 
view from whichever side they are at, and not everyone comes in 
contact with each other. There are reasons a supervisor is accounted 
for in looking at everything within the system beneath them. There 
are reasons brigadier generals make decisions. There are reasons a 
leutenant doesn't plan major decisions in battle.  Ryan M. Parr

-M: Ok, Ryan, there are reasons that people make decisions, agreed. 
Now - who makes the BEST decisions? This is what SD2 intends to find. 
The PageRank algorithm allows for *local* knowledge to extend 
*globally*, so people in a network only need to know a few people.

-Mark, International Social Organizer, SD2
-Seattle WA USA  http://groups.yahoo.com/group/sd-2
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