Fwd: Re: Structural Deep Democracy(SD2) / Guillotine party

Mark parashakti108 at yahoo.com
Wed, 13 Apr 2005 23:55:04 -0000

--A-Better-United-Nations@yahoogroups.com, "Mark" wrote:
--"John T. Dale Jr." wrote:

>J: Dear Mark, Your Structural Deep Democracy model seems to apply to 
representative democracy models in general.  However, the principle 
of representative democracy seems fairly confined to the nation-state 
system. It does not translate easily into transnational democratic 
models because it is based on voting for people rather than for 

-M: Who would be held accountable to impliment principles? With SD2, 
all accountability is centered around five people. With your direct-
democracy, the 51% majority is NOT accountable to the 49% minority. 
This is why direct-democracy fails at a large scale.  
>J: One of the things we need to investigate, IMO, is international 
direct democracy, where people are voting as world citizens on global 
public issues and on the principles or levels of organization that 
should be applied to those issues. What do you think? Yours, John Dale

-M: The French tried direct-democracy. We don't need an international 
Guillotine party. We need the best representitives possible to keep 
the "lemmings" in check.

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