Re: Testing SD2? - Absolutely!

Mark parashakti108 at
Mon, 11 Apr 2005 23:41:45 -0000

--"denis bider" wrote:

> >M: ... so I do think that bias would be self- correcting, and this 
is testable.
>D: We have a local Mensa election coming up shortly. It's a regular 
election using the standard majority vote, but I am considering 
orchestrating parallel unofficial elections, using PageRank and 
Condorcet, respectively, as the methods; to see how different the 
results with those methods would be.

>D: Let me know if you have any ideas about how this should be 
approached, or whether you think it is actually a good idea.

-M: ANY kind of testing is a good idea. Even if the methods are 
sloppy, there still is learning taking place.

-M: I predict that the results won't diverge much in a group below 
thirty(I am assuming that your group is small), especially among 
intelligent people.

-M: Are you going to use the Condorcet poll sheets as a data input to 
the PageRank ranking? That is how I would do it. Condorcet would see 
the assymetry of the data points as being ranked in order, but is 
only a first-order algorithm. PageRank would initally see the data 
points as being equal, but would see how the poll sheets(each being a 
node representing a person) relate to each other. This sounds like 
FUN! They are two entirely different algorithms so they lend 
themselves well to comparison.

-M: Thanks Denis.

-Mark, Seattle WA USA