Re: SD2 vs. Condorcet: Synthesis / post-SD2

Mark parashakti108 at
Mon, 11 Apr 2005 21:06:24 -0000

--MARC HILL wrote:

>mH: precisely, no algorithm can guarantee that the correct decisions 
are being made. voting simply represents the collective will not the 
veracity of that will. In the end, if it works it will stand. if it 
doesnt work, it wont. what works and doesnt work is not obvious. 

-M: Yes, agreed. So it comes down to:

1. Which method makes the best decisions as judged by long term 

2. Which method *busts the most egos* along the way?

With SD2, no ego is safe. If someone has a "fat head", the question 
becomes: "If you are such a hot-shot, why aren't you a director?"

And if someone is a director: "I think that you are being 
egotistical. If the advisors and other directors agree with me, you 
will be replaced next week."

-Mark, Seattle WA USA 

> --- Mark wrote: 
> > --"denis bider" wrote:
> > -M: This sounds post-SD2. This is a problem solving method that 
SD2 selected directors could impliment if they chose. If I was one of 
the directors, I don't like the idea of allocating the decision to 
the people because of the lack of accountablility. If the people are 
wrong then: "So, 51%+ of everyone else was wrong too." Everyone gets 
to hide in the crowd. The ego gets an easy way out.