SD2 versus Condorcet/CSSD

denis bider yahoo at
Sun, 10 Apr 2005 19:39:18 +0200

Mark, everyone.

I am concerned about a property of SD2, specifically, that it gives a
restricted number of experts the power to make decisions that impact
everyone. I have no qualms with the suitability of PageRank and other
algorithms for coming up with a reliable top list of experts. However, it is
my hunch/belief/opinion that a group of experts cannot be any better at
deciding what is best for people than the people themselves can, if an
appropriate aggregation algorithm is chosen. I propose that Condorcet / CSSD
could be such an algorithm.

What does everyone think about the merits of the Condorcet / CSSD voting
method, as compared to SD-2? Specifically:

- approach 1 is to use the Condorcet / CSSD method as an aggregating
algorithm in a poll that asks people about an important decision, affecting
everyone, which is to be made;

- approach 2 is to use the PageRank algorithm to determine a restricted
number of experts, and then delegate the decision to those experts, as per

Which of the two approaches is better?

See also a description of the Condorcet voting methods here:

It also includes a reference to a further description of CSSD.

I look forward to any discussion.

Kindest regards,