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> -Mark: These are examples of PATHOLOGICAL elitism.
>> Mirai: #2 Or not be a nerd who feels big (Dalai Lama), and looks up
> to those who are superior as a route of self-improvement, self-
> empowerment, service to others and ultimate progress.
> -Mark: This is an example of MERITOCRATIC elitism. My job is to 
serve my Guru by serving humanity. Meritocratic-elitism is the ONLY 
way to combat pathological elitism, because egalitarianism leads to
> ineffectiveness which allows pathological-elitism to flourish.

I really like these two terms, as you have identified simply
the difference between these two types of leadership.

Yes, we are led by pathological elitism = Bush, Blair, Saddam

Meritocratic elitism = Gandhi, Dalai Lama, Obi-wan Kenobi, Yoda, Cpt. 
Picard  :-)

> They try making elite positions against elitism.
> They try making meritocratic arguements against merit.
> They try being authoritative against authority.
> They try putting non-hierarchy in a hierarchy above hierarchy.
> They try making superior arguements against superiority.
> They try to make the lack of universal truth itself a universal
> truth.

very interesting.

> -Mark: Lemmings who want to drag others into the water.

there is an interesting focus about this statement.
this is a daily experience for progressive people isn't?

> -Mark: A good test for elitism, ask:
> "Who is more elite than you?"
> If they don't have an answer, then that is an indication of
> pathological elitism.

again very interesting.
I like that.

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