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> "Mark" wrote:
> > -M: You seem to be trying to defend the *in-degree*(vote 
counting) algorithm. This is what gave us the Bushmonkey. So, are you 
still advocating the Bushmonkey algorithm?

>R: No, I believe that the founding fathers were onto something.

-M: They were brilliant men who started a representitive democratic 
revolution that spread throughout the world - they were onto 
something. Madison was rightfully concerned about the "empassioned 
masses" this is why they chose a *republic* instead of a *democracy*. 
When the French experimented with a populistic-democracy, this led to 
the Blood-Bath. SD2 is inspired by American republicanism, and tries 
avoiding the problems of populism. I have wanted to call SD2 "pure 
republicanism" but this scares people because it reminds them of 
something entirely different - the Republican Party.

>R: Though, who is to say Bush hasn't been elected through poll 
counts being manipulated? I suppose we will never truly know on that 
one, though I believe the system of democracy that we have in place 
is one of the best democratic systems in the world. 

-M: I do to. Is this supposed to be a point?

-M: What I propose for all current stable republics is a reform in 
the media and educational systems. This is from "SD2 Vision" in the 
files section of my group:  
1. 51% or more of the media using SD2 to select top editors.

2. 51% or more of schools and districts using SD2 to select top 
administators and superintendents.

3. At least one mainstream political party in each G-8 nation using 
SD2 to organize its leadership.

4. All disputed territories organized by SD2.

5. 51% or more of the nonprofit/independent sector, including 
religions, organized under an SD2 umbrella.

6. Emerging republics organized by SD2. [...]
-M: So I am NOT promoting any constitutional changes.

-M: The PageRank process that I have been promoting wouldn't be for 
official elections, but it would be a way for the media and the 
parties to narrow down the candidates. Cool?

>R: If only we knew who is deciding in the election process.

-M: The "Old Boys" network has a powerful influence. I know a lot 
about them, but I don't want to talk too much.

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