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--ro-esp wrote:
> Citeren Mark:
> > --ro-esp wrote:
> > >RE: Those who voted for Bush were only a 25% minority. The 
problem is that no one cares about the 50% that didn't vote. What is 
needed is a voting-system in which everyone also has the "none-of-

> > -M: The main people who don't care about the 50% non-voter's 
votes are the non-voters themselves.
>RE: no jantjes-van-leiden (lame jokes to abort real discussion) on 
this list please

-M: There is a point here. People who care about their votes are much 
more likely to vote.

> > -M: With SD2, there are no candidate listings. Every voter is a 
>RE: even those who don't want to ? strange...

-M: They have the option to be *private/apolitical*, or 
*public/political*. They can also choose their level of involvement 
in either category.

> >-M: I recommend studying SD2.
>RE: do you have a brochure ? (seriously)


-M: Look at the Q@A. For technical details, look at the operating 

> > >RE: Those who use it should be represented by empty seats in 
parliaments etc. _without_ changeing the criterium for a majority. 
This means:51% of the representatives present being for something is 
not enough, it takes more than half the seats...Of course, this means 
that if only half the voters vote for a candidate, the gremium in 
question would be powerless. I don't see that as a problem, since 
they would be able to organise referenda, let the decision be taken 
by a "higher" or "lower"gremium AND they could organise new elections 
with additional parties running. In the US this could lead to an end 
for the very strange two-party-system groetjes, Ronaldo

> > -M: Ronaldo, this sounds like major grid-lock,
>RE: ???
Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary
Main Entry: grid·lock 
Pronunciation: -"läk
Function: noun
1 : a traffic jam in which a grid of intersecting streets is so 
completely congested that no vehicular movement is possible
2 : a situation resembling a gridlock
- gridlock transitive verb  

-M: This is a term that can be applied to legislative bodies stuck in 

> > -M: and for no philosophical reasons that I know of.

>RE: the main reason is to prevent that a govt claims to represent 
the majority, when in fact only a minority voted for them

-M: With populism, *representing the majority* automaticly means NOT 
representing the minority. 49% are marginalized.

-M: SD2 finds the *locus of overall consent* to try to represent 100% 
in the best way possible. 
> > With SD2, there could be multitudes on non-voting 
representitives, but only the top five would vote.
>RE: under mussolini the trains were on time....

-M: Any of the directors, with even a hint of power abuse, would be 
replaced during the next rank recalculation cycle, which can happen 
as frequently as weekly.
> >M: My system is more efficient, more simple,

>RE: than how come I don't grasp it yet gottago

-M: Probably because you don't understand the PageRank algorithm.

-Mark, International Social Organizer, SD2
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