Vote yes for a constitutional convention for election reform opportunity

Dan Johnson-Weinberger midwestdemocracy at
Mon, 13 Oct 2008 20:29:44 -0000

Hi all,

The Midwest Democracy Center is somewhere between defunct and in stasis, but if you 
want a return to bipartisan representation for every voter in the Illinois House of 
Representatives, or the ability to cast a first choice and a second choice for executive 
races, then I encourage you to join me in voting YES on the Illinois ballot for a 
constitutional convention.

Several state legislators have pushed to give we voters the opportunity to vote on whether 
to revive cumulative voting in three-member districts, but the General Assembly as a body 
has never voted to put the constitutional amendment on the ballot. A constitutional 
convention is another avenue to put an amendment on the ballot and let voters decide 
whether to bring back cumulative voting or stick with single-member districts.

In fact, in 1970 when Illinois voters approved the new constitution (the one we have now), 
there were four separate amendments on the ballot for voters to select from. One of them 
asked voters whether to retain cumulative voting in three-seat districts or move to single-
member districts. The people decided to stick with three-member districts and cumulative 
voting rights (presumably because they liked the independence and bipartisan 
representation that cumulative voting in the House created). 

So, just as the constitutional convention in 1969 put an amendment on the ballot about 
cumulative voting in three-member districts, so too can a constitutional convention in 
2009 put an amendment on the ballot about cumulative voting.

But the only way we have that opportunity is if 60% of voters in this election vote YES for a 
constitutional convention. That's one of the reasons why I'm voting yes and I hope you will 

If you don't live in Illinois, then either disregard this email or (even better) forward it to 
someone who does live in Illinois.

And if you'd like to help advocate for cumulative voting rights or instant runoff voting, 
contact or email me since I'm still volunteering my time on advancing 
the agenda for a more representative government through a modern electoral system.