Xmas 9-11am pst, Matt Gonzalez interviews Todd Chretien and Kevin Zeese

Jim Dorenkott jimdorenkott2 at yahoo.com
Sat, 24 Dec 2005 16:15:40 -0800

  Former President of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors and Green Party candidate who "lost" the mayoral race by 53-47 in a very hotly contested campaign that energized the progressive movement is guest hosting for  Larry Bensky on Sunday Salon Christmas Day. 
  First Hour
This week on Sunday Salon (Guest Host -- Matt Gonzalez)... In our first hour... Does the Bible charge humans with the task of preserving and protecting the earth and its creatures? Or does it give the planet's resources to humans to use entirely for their own benefit? Author Stephenie Hendricks joins us to discuss her new book, "Divine Destruction: Wise Use, Dominion Theology, and the Making of American Environmental Policy." (Melville House) 
  Second Hour
  In our second hour... Running to unseat an incumbent Democratic Senator: a discussion with California Green Todd Chretien, and Maryland Independent Kevin Zeese.
   It is a good opportunity to talk about the importance of enacting IRV legislation at all levels including state and federal elections. Matt is very supportive of it, and helped organize the political support for its implementation in San Francisco, working with Steve Hill,  the Center for Voting and Democracy, and many other organizations..Let us have a good discussion about the importance of using IRV to end the spoiler problem. We can educate those who don't know about it, not limited to, but especially progressives. They are not going to hear about it on the corporate media. 
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                 or 1 510 848-4425

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